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From in-depth discussions with experts across the industry to quick snippets of insight from our own colleagues, DTCC’s podcasts let listeners hear about emerging trends and unique perspectives surrounding the global financial services landscape.


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Sean_McEntee_Affirmation Rate on Trade Date_Take_5-podcast_page Podcasts
March 26, 2024 Affirmation Rates on Trade Date Improve as Industry Prepares for T+1
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January 17, 2024 A Collaborative Approach to Partnership
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December 15, 2023 Navigating T+1: ALERT’s Automation and Risk Reduction in Focus
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Val Wotton headshot image for podcast. Podcasts
November 29, 2023 How ITP is Supporting Accelerated Settlement Across the Globe
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Take 5 Podcast Marcus Denne Podcasts
November 14, 2023 TIW: The Unsung Hero of the CDS Market
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Take 5 Podcast TopNews Podcasts
October 17, 2023 How T+1 Will Impact the Buy Side
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ALERT podcast Connection-Top_News_postcard Podcasts
October 03, 2023 Improving Settlement Efficiencies with ALERT
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How ACATS is Transforming Transfers Podcasts
July 11, 2023 How ACATS is Transforming Transfers
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Tackling T+1 Together - DTCC Connection | DTCC Podcasts
May 09, 2023 Tackling T+1 Together
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